The Heartland Series: Of Time & Trains
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The Heartland Series: Of Time & Trains


The passage of time is a journey that can take many forms. In this episode of The Heartland Series, time spent with trains is the center piece. You will go inside the shops and ride the locomotives of the shortline rail company called the O&W. The business health of any rail company is all about keeping the trains on time, and the hard working crew of the O&W is no exception.

Two short features focus on a different sense of time. You'll take a quiet walk through a rarely used, botanically beautiful trail in the mountains of Southern Kentucky. We conclude our journey with a sound that nearly been lost to time.... the distinct and soothing strains of a pump organ.

This DVD is hauling lots of bonus material including the story of the restoration of "Lindy the 203 and how you can ride this classic engine. Plus you can test your knowledge of how a steam engine works.